About Installations

The company covers the industry in order to participate in the development and development of the country, with the goal of serving the goals of construction and development of Islamic Iran, as well as the issuance of technical and engineering services abroad with the participation of a group of experienced engineers and managers who have previously experienced Wide and varied in various construction projects.
The company\'s coverage of the industry builds its business on combining its remarkable record with advanced technology and day-to-day technology, by fully understanding the needs of the market and customers, bringing its services together by bringing together specialized managers and staff along with combined knowledge and Providing alignment with the mission of the organization, achieving the highest quality and performing correctly and quickly with a competitive price to our customers.
The company\'s industry coverage is committed to increasing awareness and continuous pursuit of activities and training in multiple skills and development, and encouraging accountability and control of activities and accountability, to effectively achieve its mission.
The vision of the company is to create an agile organization and attract and grow a skilful and creative human resource, guaranteeing a professional team and professional ethics as a superior brand called the construction and construction industry with the goal of value creation and customer satisfaction.
With the aim of developing appropriate and effective internal competencies and capabilities to manage its successful and efficient operating operations, Kashan Sanat Co. has designed and implemented its organizational structure consisting of the following parts:
 Agent Management
 Technical and engineering management
 Investment management and business development
 Supply management
 Operations management
 Project Management (PMO)
 Schedule management
 Human Capital Management
 Quality management
 Financial and administrative management
The company\'s coating industry is deeply committed to doing its activities to the following values:
• Value creation for employers
• Commitment to quality and excellence and professional ethics
• System architecture
• Innovation in services
The company\'s coating industry, based on its engineering capability and its remarkable record in the utilities sector, can provide the following services in the form of EPC:
 Mechanical and electrical installations of service, welfare, residential, sports and high-rise buildings
 Mechanical and electrical installations of hospital and therapeutic buildings