About Geosynthetic

The company has over 15 years of experience in coating coatings, focusing on the application of advanced solutions to a wide range of construction and infrastructure projects, as the main supplier and provider of comprehensive engineering services. New civil engineering solutions focusing on geosynthetic products, providing design, supply and implementation services in the following areas:

1. Sealing of agricultural water reservoirs, aquaculture, artificial lakes and recreation

2. Sealing the water transfer channels

3. Insulation of wastewater treatment lagoons

4. Drainage and structural sealing, such as deep and semi-deep constructions

5. Drainage and sealing of walls and walls of tunnels

6. Roof Gardening

7. Sealing of evaporation ponds of power plants and refineries

8. Sealing the scope of construction of petroleum and chemical storage tanks

9. Insulation of waste landfill cells (Landfill)

10. Insulation of retention tanks for industrial complexes

11. Floating coatings for water storage tanks, wastewater treatment lagoons and ...

The geosynthetic unit of the company covers the engineering services and supplies its materials to the employers in the following engineered framework, including:

1) Review and identify the needs and requirements of each project at the starting point;

2) Provide technical proposals, study reports and advisory services;

3) design;

4) Provide special products for each project;

5) And finally run.

Respect for the rights of employers and other stakeholders, the efforts to develop new techniques in civil engineering, the use of young forces and academic specialists, the presence in new areas and the development of target markets, among the most important goals of the company since its establishment.

Therefore, the emphasis of management from all employees is to fully apply the company\\\\\\\'s corporate strategy and its full potential in pursuit of organizational goals.