About Us

Pooshesh Sanat Corporation

The company\'s coating company is capable of answering and satisfying the needs of customers in the fields of development (geosynthetics), facilities and commercial services using the experienced designing group.
Also, it has been working with its experienced team of engineers and powerful university forces and students who are prone to achieve the goals of the company, which is scientific progress and the optimal use of the country\'s resources based on research projects. The company\'s comprehensive coverage of the implementation of each project, while comprehensively studying the project\'s dimensions, minimizes the project constraints, timing, supplies and other criteria for the project, and facilitates the implementation process by identifying and deepening them.
In today\'s changing world, today, due to the expansion of the technology industry, they are trying to use different patterns and methods to achieve their economic goals and their survival. In this regard, the growing need of the industries for foreign trade is obvious and undeniable. Undoubtedly, full attention to the quality of the product and the enjoyment of technical knowledge of the day is a valuable competitive advantage.
The company\'s coverage of the foreign trade operations department of the purchasing process focuses its efforts on delivering goods to the top global makers to contribute to increased productivity and, ultimately, the satisfaction of its customers. In this regard, the provision of services in the following is possible in the form of currency and rial contracts.